首位榮獲米其林星級的日本人——中村勝宏是JR東日本大都会大飯店 東京城的統括名譽總料理長


JR東日本大都会大飯店 東京城於1985年6月30日開業,為了將「美食」作為武器,我們邀請到首位榮獲米其林星級的日本人廚師——中村勝宏來擔任料理長




Katsuhiro Nakamura is the Honorary General Chef of Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd., as well as a food editor.
Born in Kagoshima in southern part of Japan, Mr. Nakamura began his career at Hotel Ascot in Zurich in 1970.

In the 15 years that followed, he worked as a professional chef at top restaurants throughout France, from Aux Armes De France in Alsace to L'Oasis in Provence and Lasserre in Paris.
In 1979, he became Grand Chef of then-unknown restaurant La Bourdonnais in Paris. His skills brought the restaurant renown, and he became the first Japanese person to receive a Michelin star.
In 1984, he returned to Japan, bringing authentic French cooking techniques with him. He was hired as Head Chef for the newly-opened Hotel Edmont (now Hotel Metropolitan Edmont) in Tokyo.
In 1994, he became an Executive Director and Executive Chef.
In 2003, he was awarded an Order of Agricultural Merit (Knight) from the French Republic.
In 2007, he became Executive Chef at the Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa, which hosted the attendees of the “G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in 2008”. Mr. Nakamura oversaw the meals of all the world leaders and their suites.
In 2009, he became a director of Nippon Hotel.
In 2010, he was awarded an Order of Agricultural Merit (Officer) from the French Republic.
In 2013, he became Head Chef and Executive Chef Emeritus of Nippon Hotel.
In 2016, he was awarded an Order of Agricultural Merit (Commandeur) from the French Republic.
In 2017, he was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) in 2017.
In 2018, he became a Honorary General Chef and a Special Advisor General Manager.
In 2019, he was appointed as an advisory committee member for the “Athletes Village Menu Advisory Committee for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games”.

  • 中村在巴黎餐廳「La Bourdonnais」擔任總料理長時,成為首位榮獲米其林星級的日本人

  • 在2008年的北海道洞爺湖高峰會中擔任總料理長,統括指揮為包括各國重要人士、隨行人員等在內的來賓提供料理

  • 於2003年獲得「騎士勳位」,2010年獲得「軍官勳位」,接著在2016年被授予法國農事功勞勳章最高等級的「司令勳位」



The Executive Chef of Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo
Hitoshi Iwasaki

Hitoshi Iwasaki was born in Tokyo and started his career in Hotel Edmont after graduating from culinary school.

After working as a banquet chef, he began studying under the guidance of Katsuhiro Nakamura in French restaurant Four Grain.
In 2004, he won the Second JR Hotel Group Cooking Contest.
In 2007, he became head chef of Dining&Bar TENQOO.
In 2008, he worked under Katsuhiro Nakamura to prepare meals for the attendees of the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit.
From August 2012 to February 2013, he trained at La Pyramide, a two-star restaurant in Vienne, France, and Le Clos des Sens, a two-star restaurant in Annecy.
In 2015, he became Executive Chef of Train Suite Shiki-shima.
In 2017, he became Executive Chef of Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo.
In 2019, he became Cuisine Supervisor of Train Suite Shiki-shima.
He was appointed as Executive Officer of Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. and Exective Chef of Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo in June 2019, positions he still holds today.
Unfettered by the boundaries of different genres of cuisine, he places emphasis on safety and reliability in the selection of ingredients and proposes “French cuisine that can be eaten with chopsticks,” as a kind of French cuisine that is accessible to all ages.

He also presents French cuisine that incorporates Japanese ingredients, such as adding essences of Japanese cuisine like miso and wasabi to French dishes and finishing off courses with ochazuke (green tea poured over a bowl of steamed white rice).


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