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  • Lunch Buffet

    • Lunch

    Enjoy the delicious dishes offered at our lunch buffet in bright and airy interiors, where sunlight pours in through the wall of windows. There are always three varieties of pizza available, piping hot and fresh from the pizza oven behind the buffet counter. As well as three varieties of Hotel Metropolitan Edmont’s traditional curries, steamed rice, and naan cooked in the pizza oven are also available.
    Roast beef, a favorite at the dinner buffet, is now also available at the lunch buffet. The buffet offers an extensive range of some 60 dishes, from appetizers to desserts, to choose from.

    【Price】 [Weekdays]
    3,900 JPY / 1 person
    Senior (65 years and over)  3,500 JPY
    Children 2,200 JPY
    Infant (4-6 years) 1,200 JPY

    [Weekends and public holidays]
    4,500 JPY / 1 person
    Senior (65 years and over)  4,100 JPY
    Children 2,400 JPY
    Infant (4-6 years) 1,400 JPY
    【Valid Dates】 All Year Round
  • Pasta Lunch

    • Lunch

    We have pasta set that change the menu every two weeks.
    Please enjoy freshly boiled noodles.

    【Price】 2,200 JPY
    【Valid Dates】 All Year Round ※Weekdays only
  • Curry Lunch

    • Lunch

    Two kinds of curry specially made by Edmont. Choose from beef or seafood.
    Please enjoy the delicious hotel maid curry.

    【Price】 2,200 JPY
    【Valid Dates】 All Year Round ※Weekdays only