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Edmont - Kabuki themed concept room

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【Valid dates】 Wed, Nov 1, 2023 - Mon, Sep 30, 2024
【Price】 33,800 JPY ~ / room

Sales start on October 17th. Edmont - Kabuki collarboration campaign

Unveiling the 'Edmont × Kabuki Campaign' a celebration of Japan's treasured performing art, Kabuki. Immerse yourself in the world of Kabuki with Kabuki-themed concept rooms, enlightening panel exhibitions in the hotel lobby, and more. Explore the beauty of Kabuki with us as we share the essence of this traditional Japanese art form.

What is "Kabuki"?

"Kabuki" is one of Japan's representative traditional performing arts registered as a UNESCO "Intangible Cultural Heritage". It is a comprehensive art form that combines various distinctive elements such as unique performance techniques, makeup, elaborate costumes and stage settings. The actors are primarily male.

In Kabuki, efforts are made visually to make things easily understandable to the audience. For example, good and evil can be identified by the colors of the makeup, or the actor and his role can be recognized through motifs in their costumes. There are also various conventions, such as noble characters or beautiful men and women who paint their faces pure white, or young, beautiful princesses who wear red kimonos.

Kabuki not only preserves tradition but has also evolved with times, and it has created a diverse range of plays and dances over its more than 400-year history.

Kabuki themed concept room, 37sqm

Step into a world of vibrant elegance where Kabuki's unique makeup artistry, known as 'Kumadori,' takes center stage. Our luxurious rooms are adorned with intricate designs that incorporate various motifs from 'Soga Monogatari,' a celebrated Kabuki production that recounts the tale of the Soga brothers' vengence during the early Kamakura period.

'Soga Monogatari' is a timeless narrative that was introduced to the world of Kabuki during the Edo period, giving birth to numerous adaptations. It achieved immense popularity and was annually performed as the first play of the New Year.

■Supervised by : Shochiku Co.,Ltd

Lobby exhibition

Our lobby exhibition begins with an introduction to 'What is Kabuki?' and goes on to provide clear explanations, enriched with illustrations and photograph, of the elements that embellish Kabuki, including 'Kumadori' makeup, costumes, and grand stage props. What sets our panels apart is that their backgrounds are crafted from actual scenic backdrops, meticulously hand-painted by skilled artisans dedicated to producing Kabuki stage backgrounds. These scenic backdrops are put together in a patchwork of various scenes from different Kabuki performances, adding an authentic and visually captivating dimension to the exhibition.

■Planning and Production : Shochiku Co.,Ltd / SHOCHIKU COSTUME / KABUKIZABUTAI

- Currently on display -
Performance Title : Fuji Musume ("The Wisteria Maiden')
Character Name : The Spirit of the Wisteria

The Wisteria Maiden is one of kabuki's most popular dances. Beneath a wisteria plant blossoming in full glory, the wisteria spirit appears in the form of a young maiden. She dances bashfully to express the theme of fleeting love and her feelings of jealousy towards a man's fickle heart. This costume, with its contrasting colours of vermilion and dull yellow green, is of the type called katami-gawari, on top of which a bold design of wisteria is embroidered.

Benefits for Guests staying in the Kabuki themed concept room

Edmont Original Kabuki designed Travel Sticker - stick it on your suitcase and bring home precious memory of Kabuki and Tokyo

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Duration Wed, Nov 1, 2023 - Mon, Sep 30, 2024
Room type Edmont - Kabuki concept room (37sqm)
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