Original Cocktail 「Yokoso」 / 「Fuzei」

【Price】 1,400 JPY / glass
【Valid dates】 All year Round

Bar "Carousal" bartenders with creative cocktails.

A Japanese-style cocktail that mixes Japanese whisky with green tea for a sense of relaxation. “Celebration” is expressed with the added touch of an origami crane folded from traditional Japanese chiyogami paper. Our bartenders will prepare this original cocktail with a heart of hospitality, instilled with the joy of new encounters.

The “heart of relaxation” expressed with Japanese gin and hojicha (roasted green tea) , created from Japanese nature.
This original cocktail also expresses “celebration” with the color of the hojicha, the aroma of rosemary, and the sweet taste all coming together to cheer the heart.

Valid dates All Year Round
Opening hours 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm (last order 10:30 pm)
※Closed on Sundays and public holidays, Dec. 30 - Jan. 3
Price 1,400 JPY / glass
Remarks ※Prices include a 13% service charge and consumption tax.
※The contents of the menus are subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients.
※Photographs are for illustrative purposes only.
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